BUMET - Tniemy, gniemy, łączymy


BUMET company was established in 1995. For more than 20 years of operation on the Polish and foreign markets, we have built a machine park and a qualified team of employees for whom there are currently no impossible things.

Today, the world of metalworking is no secret to us. The knowledge we convey from generation to generation - we are a family business.

We cut, we bending, we combine. We act fast and reliably. From metal we can do almost anything. We are able to choose the appropriate method of its processing and finishing to achieve the desired effect. Thanks to the experience and the machine park, our work covers the entire product development process, from construction to logistics. We take care of high technological standards, quality of materials, professionalism and safety of employees.

We operate multi-task and long-term, also in relations with our customers.

Our future development strategy is based on investing in skilled workers, technologies and metalworking machines. The high quality materials and technical solutions used in producing the products guarantee the satisfaction of our customers.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer.


BUMET Januszka Nocoń Sp.j.

ul. Wojska Polskiego 8
42-100 Kłobuck PL

+ 48 34 317 16 68
+ 48 34 317 11 10
+ 48 34 317 16 85


REGON: 150142790
NIP: 5741030787
KRS: 0000132822

Kamila Nocoń
+48 609 111 997

Aneta Bogacz
+48 665 655 290